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Staffordshire is one of the areas where we cover the majority of towns and their surrounding areas. The list below showcases some popular towns we visit, but it’s not a comprehensive representation.



Rediscovering your car's brilliance is effortless with iValet UK. We specialize in mobile car valeting in Tamworth, helping you manage tasks when time is tight.


Seeking professional mobile car valeting in Cannock? Your search ends with iValet UK. Whether at home or work, we bring our services to you!

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For the ultimate vehicle finish in Burton upon Trent, reach out to iValet UK, and we'll handle the rest effortlessly.


At iValet UK, we derive immense joy from revitalizing grimy cars, restoring them to their gleaming, pristine state. How may we assist you in Stafford?
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Cutting-edge New Car Preservation

GTechniq’s product lineup comprises an advanced treatment system meticulously crafted to safeguard and enhance the interior and exterior materials of your newly purchased vehicle. These products are the outcome of years of professional expertise, ensuring a superior level of quality.

Preserving your new car with this system is pivotal for maintaining its value over time. The Gtechniq new car protection system distinguishes itself by providing long-term care for your car’s cosmetic condition. The care it receives from the start significantly influences its sustained optimal condition and resale value. Ensuring the proper protection of both your investment and the pleasure of ownership is a logical choice.


Nationwide Reach

Within the Gtechniq new car protection system, skilled technicians take special care to meticulously prepare your car to the highest standards. This process begins with a snow foam pre-soak and clay cloth decontamination, ensuring the paint is spotlessly clean before product application—essential steps often overlooked by main dealers, potentially creating a negative perception of their new car protection offerings. From bumper to bumper, inside and out, your new car undergoes top-notch GTechniq treatments to arrive in your possession in an impeccable and guarded state.

Included in the GTechniq Car Exterior package:

  • A Full Valet and preparation including decontamination.
  • GTechniq Paintwork Protection: All exterior paintwork is treated to a unique crystal nano protective coating to enhance its shine and ensure maximum resistance to environmental hazards, even the severest of winter weather. The glossy water-repellent coating is easier to keep clean and maintains a superbly deep glossy shine.
  • GTechniq Glass Protection: All external side, rear and front windows (including windscreen) are treated with a long-term, optically clear, non-stick, easy to clean coating. As you drive the rain drops roll off to give greatly improved wet weather visibility and safety.
  • GTechniq Wheel Protection: Wheels are cleaned thoroughly and iron decontamination applied inside and out, front to back ensuring the cleanest possible surface for the wheel protection to bond to. Brake dust simply washes off with shampoo and water putting and end to tough scrubbing to remove bonded dirt.

Package Options

  • GTechniq Crystal Serum light & machine polish: £349

Add a final protective layer to enhance the longevity of your base coat

  • GTechniq EXO: £49*

Why not include interior protection, glass sealant and wheel sealant to your new car?

  • Gtechniq Interior: £49*
  • Gtechniq G5 Glass Sealant: £29*
  • Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour: £29*

Included in the GTechniq car interior package:

  • GTechniq Upholstery Protection: Upholstery (fabrics, leather) and carpets are treated with a durable waterproof coating to seal out moisture and resist staining. Accidental spillages simply bead on the surface, whilst dust and sticky marks are easily removed

*when done at the same time as the exterior treatment

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Trust from our customers is a testament to our reliability

Michael HillMichael Hill
12:20 02 Nov 22
I wanted to add some protection to my new car and Gtechniq has a fantastic range of products. I found iValet as a highly qualified Gtechniq installer. They have been so easy to deal with, very professional and the process has been seamless.The car was picked up for free and taken to their studio where they got to work on it.I've got the car back today and all I can say is WOW! I love seeing a well detailed vehicle and its never looked so good. 100 times better than when it was delivered.I highly recommend iValet and will be mentioning them to everyone I know.
iValetUk EssexiValetUk Essex
09:28 18 May 22
Emily DicksonEmily Dickson
12:38 14 May 22
I wanted to give my car a deep clean before my baby arrives so went for the executive car sanitation valet. Was worth every penny it's like a brand new car - a very friendly service, would recommend to anyone.
Nilkanth KaraniaNilkanth Karania
14:22 29 Jul 21
Amazing! Professional & friendly service and a superb finish. My car looks and smells new again! Would highly recommend. Thank you, Shruti.