Terms & Conditions

1. Prior to cleaning, we will carry out a visual inspection of the vehicle to establish any damage including but not limited to dents, scratches, marks, scuffs and cracks. We will not be held responsible and accept no liability for any damage caused prior to our services.

2. You will make clear any damage that you are aware of prior to cleaning.

3. a. We will not be responsible for any paint that flakes during cleaning as we only use fully tested professional products. This can occur when paint has been re-sprayed and procedures have not been followed properly when the work was done.

b. If there has been any work done on the vehicle including but not limited to re-sprays, you must make us aware of this prior to cleaning. We accept no liability for damage sustained to paintwork that is not protected by lacquer.

4. Unfortunately, the weather in this country is not very consistent and is very unreliable. If the weather conditions prevent us from carrying out your chosen service to its full potential, we will arrange another time/date to best suit you at no extra cost.

5. We are well aware that circumstances can change quickly, however if you may need to cancel a booking, we require at least 48 hours notice.

5. a. In the unlikely event that a booking is not cancelled within the requested 48 hours, iValet UK reserves the right to invoice for any expenses incurred as a result including but not limited to fuel costs, equipment/van wear, loss of earnings at a rate of £35 per hour.

6. We will not move a customer vehicle unless permission has been given by the owner.

7. We will not undertake work in a hazardous environment. If we feel the vehicle is not safe to clean in the current location, we will obtain permission from the owner before moving it, or ask the owner to move it themselves.

8. Delays can happen, however we strive to provide a friendly, reliable service that you can count on and in the event of a delay, we will contact you as soon as possible to inform of the situation.

9. a. If any damage occurs to your vehicle that is deemed to be our fault, we will at our option either have the damage fixed or compensate the owner as to what we feel is reasonable. No liability is accepted for.

b. Damage or loss caused by a 3rd party i.e. any person not employed by us and covered by our insurance.

c. Damage or loss caused by natural disaster including but not limited to flooding, lightning and fire.

d. Damage or loss caused by Government operations including but not limited to war, national or local emergencies and council operations.

e. Consequential loss of you or your vehicle through any default on our part.

f. Loss or damage to your vehicle caused by us due to damage or weakness of your vehicle that has not been discussed prior to cleaning and that we are unaware of.

10. Insurance for your vehicle is at all times your responsibility and remains this throughout the time it is in our care. Our insurance does not cover loss to your vehicle in any way.

11. You must adhere to payment terms and full payment must be made on satisfactory completion of your vehicle. Payment must be that which is written on the price list on our website for the selected service and for your vehicle size. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

12. Payment must be made before the return of your keys. If this is not done, we reserve the right to withhold customer keys until payment is made in full and to the value of the service carried out. Keys will be released on receipt of full payment. We reserve the right to charge interest on any such unpaid service charges.

13. The size guide on our website is a guide. Sizes of cars in terms of which category they fall under is at our discretion and is final.

14. Cars over four years old may be made with inferior materials and cleaning will be carried out at the owners risk.

15. You confirm you have a spare set of keys and we accept no liability for loss or damage caused to you or your vehicle resulting from losing keys or locking keys inside the vehicle.

16. When cleaning engine bays, you must advise us of any alarms and/or immobilisers and all other electrical components before cleaning.

17. We will not re-fit any attachments to your vehicle including but not limited to child seats.

18. Some of our products can be slippery when dry including but not limited to polish. We accept not liability for loss, damage or death to you as a result of not adhering to this warning.

19. You will be liable to us for any injury, loss or death suffered to any of our employees suffered as a result of any defect or content of your vehicle.

20. We will not be held liable for any loss, injury or death suffered as a result of negligence of warnings regarding our equipment.

21. We will provide public liability insurance to meet the minimum requirements set out by sites including but not limited to marinas and docks.

22. Words Summary:

a. “We” and “Us” means iValet UK

b. “You” means the customer we create a binding contract with when services have been verbally agreed, including any person acting on behalf of the customer.

c. “Vehicle” includes but not limited to your car, van, motorbike, caravan, helicopter.

d. “The Service” means the package chosen by you selected from our website or verbally agreed.

e. “Price List” means the amount of money requested for each service as written on our website.

By using the services provided by iValet UK, you accept the terms and conditions.


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